Provincial Party Secretary Lou Qinjian surveyed China Power

Provincial Party Secretary Lou Qinjian surveyed China Power

On November 20, 2018, Lou Qinjian, Secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, conducted a survey and investigation on CIIC. Han Liming, Secretary of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee, Shi Lijun, Mayor; Zhang Yulin, Secretary of the Taixing Municipal Party Committee, Gu Gang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone accompanied the inspection.
In the production workshop of Zhongzhi Electric Power, Chairman and President Peng Dexiang introduced the company's production equipment, product features, technological innovation, process technology, quality control, production scale and company's future development plan to Secretary Lou. Secretary Lou expressed affirmation of the equipment configuration and achievements in technology research and development, and proprietary technology. At the same time, he was satisfied with the improvement of the technical indicators of CITIC products (the average conversion efficiency reached 23%) and the localization of equipment and major materials.




Secretary Lou specifically asked about the impact of the "531 Policy" on the company. Peng Dong reported: In addition to having a certain impact on the market, the "531 Policy" is also conducive to promoting the development of innovative technologies and promoting the realization of market-based transactions for photovoltaic power generation without subsidies. CIIC's products are innovative products in the photovoltaic industry and will play a driving role in the adjustment of the industrial structure. Secretary Lou listened as he walked and gave his approval many times.
When talking about any problems in the development process, Peng Dong reported: The local government has been helping to actively coordinate and promote various tasks. In order to promote heterojunction projects, the National Energy Administration specifically approved Shandong 500MW unsubsidized market-based trading base. At present, Lianyungang City and Xinghua City in Jiangsu are actively promoting the construction of unsubsidized market-based transaction bases, and hope that the demonstration power stations and innovative technology standards for high-tech industries and high-tech projects can be prioritized in Jiangsu. When hearing that both Lianyungang and Xinghua are doing work to strive for the rapid construction of an unsubsidized market-based trading base in Jiangsu, Secretary Lou praised with a "good" word. At the same time, Secretary Lou encouraged us to speed up the pace of construction, and asked relevant parties to actively provide more accurate and considerate services for the construction of major projects.
听 After listening to the report of the company's second-phase construction plan, Secretary Lou agreed with our company's equipment layout, domestic equipment adoption and industrial development prospects.
Before leaving, Peng Dong mentioned again the construction of market-oriented trading bases in Lianyungang and Xinghua. Secretary Lou said: "Good." Peng Dong stated to Secretary Lou: We will do a better job and thank Secretary Lou for his care for Zhongzhi with better results and faster development.
During the inspection, Secretary Lou communicated with Dong Peng cordially, and used five “goods” to affirm the development and planning of CIIC in order to overcome the current short-term difficulties for CIIC enterprises and strive for further large-scale construction and development Increased confidence. With a fuller entrepreneurial passion, the CIIC team will accelerate the construction of the second phase, enter the GW production capacity club as soon as possible, and contribute more power to the local economy and the development of China's photovoltaic industry.